Unhide column A in excel worksheet

Often endless data in an Excel sheet becomes a nuisance and it is easy to hide information, so you can see only what’s needed. To hide a column right click on the column heading and select Hide. To unhide select the two columns adjacent the ones that’s hidden, right click and select unhide. It all works fine till you hide column A. There is no column to the left of A to select, so you can unhide it. There are a few  ways in which you can do that

Hover the mouse over column B’s header cell and slowly move to the left. As you get closer to the block on the left (the one that Selects All), the mouse pointer will change to a down arrow to a double arrow.

Now left click and drag the mouse to the right.

  • Left click with the mouse and drag the column to the right
  • Right click and select unhide from the context menu.
  • Double click while the mouse pointer is a double arrow.

The same principle can be applied if you hide more than one columns or the top rows.

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