Do you spend more than 5 minutes a day on Excel?

      • Having worked in corporate environments for over 20 years, I feel sad, when I see people spending hours and hours, in fact days, manually collecting data from multiple sources into one Excel spreadsheet.
      • They use it to generate basic charts and graphs which rarely add value because there is no time left to analyse the data and support business decisions.
      • With Excel it is possible to automate more than 80% of the tasks so that people can focus on what really matters
      • A risk manager can focus on proactive analysis to put risk mitigation plans in place instead of presenting only compliance reports
      • A capacity analyst can focus on optimising infrastructure usage instead on producing just usage reports & charts
      • A financial manager can use forecasting and what-if analysis to develop profit enhancement and cost reduction strategies instead of providing just financial stats


“I know I must used vlookup but can’t remember how?”

      • Another common issue I notice, is that people focus on what Excel formula to apply instead of articulating the problem that were trying to solve. They have to look for IT geeks to help with their spreadsheets and if it brakes later, they have no idea how to fix it.
      • With my vast experience in developing large scale IT applications, I have developed a special technique, by which people are able to break down the problem into smaller steps and find the right solution without assistance from others.
      • That’s a skill that can be applied in any field, when you find yourself overwhelmed by a challenge.
      • You can learn that as part of my Free training course.


What can you expect from this site?

    • I live by the motto :
    • If anything takes more than 5 minutes to do, automate it
    • I want to share my skills with you, so you have more free time to focus on what you love to do.
    • Through this site I want to assist people achieve maximum efficiency in their work environment.
    • I post regular articles around the most common challenges that people face with Excel. I encourage you to subscribe to the posts, as there will be topics that could make a different to your environment.
    • I have online training courses that you can use to learn basic and advanced Excel features in the comfort of your own home or office. Learn more about those courses here
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